Hype Cycle

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An observation by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year while the costs drop by half

  • Technology curves have been accelerating over time (technology is adopted faster)
  • Fear of Missing Out if high in the tech sector - things move so fast

Frameworks To Help Understand Tech:

  • Creative Desstruction (1942 - Chumpeter)
  • S-Curve of Innovation (Rogers 1962) - cycles of innovation
  • Macro-Myopia (Saffo 1985)
    • we have a tendency to overestimate the short-term benefits of a technology and undersestimate the long-term benefits
  • Technology Chasm (Moore 1991)
    • Technologys have to cross a chasm after early adopters in order to get main stream acceptance
  • Hype Cycle (Gartner 1995)
    • Charts out a typical curve of technology adoption