Dave Lauer

Dave Lauer

Formal First Name
David (Dave)

Dave Lauer is the Co-founder and CEO of Urvin AI and Urvin Finance, a fully-integrated social platform designed to elevate online engagement. In his roles, he leads the team in building Urvin Finance’s The Terminal, and empowers retail inventors with a focus on responsible investing and long-term wealth creation. Dave is a market structure and technology architecture consultant that focuses both on highly scalable technology architecture design and helping organizations understand and navigate modern equity markets. He is an expert on the new electronic marketplace for equities and commodities, with extensive expertise in helping design and build modern electronic trading systems. Prior to Urvin, Dave spent over a decade advocating for financial market reform after serving as a quantitative analyst and trader on high-frequency trading desks, where he was primarily focused on helping companies solve problems, often leveraging technology and data.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At Urvin AI, Dave creates innovative new approaches and technologies centered on making sense of unstructured data.

  • He helps bridge the gap between data scientists and executives, helping them realize meaningful data through AI.

  • The company works across industries, including financial services, automotive, aerospace, legal and compliance.


  • Dave is a founding editorial board of the AI and Ethics Journal at Springer Nature for researchers, developers, and other professionals.

  • He is also a co-founder at Plia, a cloud-based due diligence and counterparty management platform for both buy-side and sell-side users.

  • He is a managing partner of Mile 59, a technology and finance consultancy providing services to a diverse range of firms.


  • Previously, Dave worked as a senior quantitative analyst at Allston Trading and Citadel Investment Group.

  • He worked at Tervela, where he helped many prominent financial services firms design and build high-performance, low latency hardware.

  • He specialized in understanding the complexities of the rapidly-evolving electronic marketplace both before and after Reg NMS was implemented.


  • Dave has testified before the Senate Banking Committee and appeared on an SEC Panel discussing high-frequency trading.

  • He has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, and a frequent source for articles on high-speed trading.

  • He has also been profiled in New York Times, Wall St. Journal, CBS MarketWatch and many other publications.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.