Benjamin Bratton

Benjamin Bratton

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1968 - present

Benjamin Bratton is a sociologist and theorist whose work spans contemporary social and political theory, philosophy, art, design and computer science. Bratton is the Professor of Visual Arts and Director of the Center for Design and Geopolitics at the University of California, San Diego, where he also founded the university's new Speculative Design undergraduate major. He is also Program Director of The Terraforming think-tank at Strelka Institute in Moscow. He is also a Professor of DesignTheory at the European Graduate School, Distinguished Visiting Faculty at SCI_Arc and Visiting Professor at NYU Shanghai. His research is at the intersection of computational media and infrastructure, design research management and methodologies, classical and contemporary sociological theory, architecture and urban design issues, and the politics of synthetic ecologies and biologies. Bratton is the author of several books, including The Stack, which develops a comprehensive political philosophy of planetary-scale computation. He is also the author of dozens of essays, articles, and book chapters, in both academic and popular publications.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • His current projects focus on the political geography of cloud computing and massively-granular universal addressing systems.

  • Current research includes digital urbanism & media architecture, and contemporary continental philosophy & aesthetic theory.

  • Research also includes design Research management & methodologies, classical and contemporary sociological theory, history of the social sciences, organizational theory, and interaction and interface design.



  • He was the Director of the Advanced Strategies Group at Yahoo! before expanding his cross-disciplinary research and practice in academia.

  • He taught in the Department of Design/Media art at UCLA and at the SCI Arc, where he continues to teach as a member of the visiting faculty.

  • He was a Director of Information Architecture at Razorfish in Los Angeles and New York.