Triall is a digital ecosystem of blockchain-enabled software solutions that offers data integrity, audibility and operational efficiency in clinical trials through blockchain integrations. The first organization to implement blockchain in clinical trials, the platform is supported by an international partner network as well as a global advisory board of industry experts and key opinion leaders. Triall leverages blockchain and related technologies to make clinical trial processes tamper-resistant, and to enable secure and compliant connections between the many isolated systems and parties involved in clinical research. Triall is developing an infrastructure of blockchain-integrated microservices, facilitating safe and efficient data exchanges between medical research professionals and their many isolated software systems.


  • Triall is bringing Web 3 to medical research by developing blockchain-integrated software solutions for clinical trials.

  • It is the first blockchain-enabled clinical research ecosystem to provide APIs for all industry professionals involved in clinical trials.

  • It aims to be the world’s first online environment that is inclusive to all types of clinical research professionals—regardless of function, budget, or organizational type.

  • The team unites this deep knowledge of the industry with broad experience in developing blockchain and document-processing solutions.

  • Triall’s first deliverable: a blockchain-enabled eTMF solution to verify the integrity of your clinical documents and data, ease filing, and establish an immutable audit trail for your clinical operations.