Luke Lango

Luke Lango

Formal First Name

Luke Lango is a growth-focused equities investor and analyst who has developed a solid reputation for utilizing his technology background and big picture investment philosophy to discover small-cap stocks with huge upside potential. He measures success by identifying at least one explosive, uncovered small-cap stock with 10X upside potential every day the markets are open, picking the fastest-growing stocks in the world’s strongest wealth-generating megatrends.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • A former college basketball player, Lango’s passion for applying math to stocks began with a passion for applying math to sports.
  • He worked at Scoutables and designed cash flow management models for professional sports organizations based on player injury and performance data.


  • Lango has regularly been rated one of the top stock pickers in the world by numerous outlets.
  • He has identified many up-and-coming growth stocks well before they were household names, including:
    • Advanced Micro Devices (1000%-plus returns);
    • Shopify (1,000%-plus returns);
    • Tesla (1,000%-plus returns);
    • NIO (1,000%-plus returns); and
    • Chegg (2,000% returns).


  • Lango believes that technology can compound exponentially, change lives and alter generations of wealth.
  • He actively explores opportunities in the venture capital and startup technology world.
  • He is currently involved with Fantastic, a venture-backed social discovery company that is using Big Data and advanced machine-learning algorithms to connect consumers to experiences.