Propy is a proptech, real estate technology company revolutionizing home purchasing globally by deploying smart contracts on the blockchain. As the world’s leading innovator in the real estate industry automating transactions, Propy allows buyers and sellers to close real estate transactions online and record title deeds using the company's blockchain supported platform. The company's offerings include a listing platform, transaction platform and blockchain title registry that helps buyers, sellers, the agent and the title company to do the transaction paperwork in a seamless online process, enabling brokers and agents to close deals securely and entirely online. Propy currently works with several states and financial institutions to adopt blockchain in real estate worldwide.


  • Propy is revolutionizing the real estate industry by deploying a novel technology supported by Silicon Valley leaders and National Association of Realtors.

  • Propy's offer and transaction management tools help you monitor every step of the process and easily monitor your document flow better.

  • The company is writing new pages in real estate history by introducing the tech to allow entirely online and self-driving real estate transactions on smart contracts.



  1. Offer Management

  • Instantly receive, counter, reject or accept offers. 

  • Automatically share offer information with sellers. 

  • Manage all offers for all listings in one easy to use dashboard.

  1. Transaction Platform

  • Manage all of your transactions and eliminate the need for multiple systems. 

  • Audit transactions, manage documents and save on compliance costs.

  • Close transactions fast and easy with cutting-edge transaction management.

  1. Crypto Certified Agent Course

  • Learn everything you need to know about crypto, blockchain, digital wallets, and tokenization.

  • Learn about blockchain and smart contracts, and how these can improve your daily life as an agent.

  • Get smart about what is happening in real estate today, and be prepared for the wave that is upon us.

  1. Learn-and-Earn

  • A program for forward looking real estate professionals.

  • Close more transactions and earn tokens while learning about crypto, blockchain and NFTs.

  • Achieved by a cutting edge iOS app that has integrated payment, escrow and title services.