Caroline Cochran

Caroline Cochran

Formal First Name

Caroline Cochran is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Oklo, a company working on advanced fission clean power technology. She leads the team towards building a very small advanced reactor generator that can be waste-negative, carbon-negative, and replace the world's dirtiest and least reliable remote power sources. Cochran brings a breadth of experience in her role, from being a manager of at least 16 projects to founding 5 different organizations. She has worked with energy technologies that span natural gas, oil, nuclear, and solar vehicles.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • While at MIT, Cochran did 3 years of research on air ingress in High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors.
  • She was a program manager at the University of Oklahoma, where she established a technology business development program. 
  • She was one of the youngest recipients of the Regents' Alumni Award.
  • She cares strongly about the environment and health, which underpins her dedication to making advanced nuclear energy a reality. 
  • She is the first author of several published papers, and currently is an editor for a nuclear energy education and advocacy website
  • She has worked for defense contractors and in the Office of the Secretary of defense.
  • She has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.