Options AI

Founding Date

Options AI is a unique brokerage platform putting option spreads in the toolkit of retail investors. Built for traders who want the power of option spreads without the legwork, Options AI offers traders the freedom to choose between stock, options and spreads, all from one chart. Options AI has built a tool that allows traders better see trades before they execute them and make better choices when it comes to multi leg options and the like. Its innovative technology provides a simple and visual approach to options trading, empowering investors to clearly see opportunity, compare strategies and manage positions. Options AI provides charts and interactive tools designed to generate past performance data, future price and outcome expectations derived from options market data as well as potential stock and options trading strategies.

  • Options AI is a technology-first company that utilizes the latest in information security.

  • Securities in Options AI accounts are insured up to $500,000 by SIPC.

  • The company's platform provides access to smarter trading strategies and better risk and trade management tooling.

  • Options AI also enables retail investors to make options spread trading a more straightforward experience.

How Options AI helps traders:

  • Generate instantly smarter strategies using the expected move.

  • Up, down or sideways, convert your view to trades with one click.

  • Edit strikes, payout visualization, dynamic trade management - all included.