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Novus is the world’s leading portfolio analytics and intelligence platform for institutional investors. Through the firm’s data-driven approach and industry-leading analytics, Novus’s platform streamlines data management, performance measurement, reporting, attribution, and look-through analysis in a single digital tool. In addition to analyzing and monitoring one’s own portfolios, Novus offers modern collaboration tools via secure, digital sharing with teammates, stakeholders, and prospects. The firm aggregates and analyzes your portfolio along dimensions of attribution, risk and exposure to ultimately generate more alpha with better portfolio intelligence. Today, the platform is used by many of the top hedge funds, fund of funds, pensions & endowments and sovereign wealth funds to analyze their risk, performance and attribution across aggregated and historical data sets.

  • Novus seamlessly integrates with your custodian banks, fund administrators or portfolio management systems.

  • The firm ingests, validates, cleanses, corrects and harmonizes your data at any frequency, whether daily or monthly.

  • They enrich your data with relevant market or alternative data-sets, supplemented by tags you define to view the world as you see it.

  • Novus has over a decade of experience serving investors, helping them simplify workflow, extract insights, and communicate with stakeholders. 

  • The firm specializes in Finance, Technology, Hedge Funds, Data, fund of funds, Scala, and Investing.

Novus in Numbers

  • $4 Trillion Total Client AUM

  • 4 Offices Worldwide

  • 10+ Years Experience Serving Institutional Investors

Novus Solutions