Stability AI

Stability AI is the world's first community-driven, open-source artificial intelligence company developing breakthrough technologies for the benefit of humanity and the world. The company's platform implements given text commands into images and other forms of media using collective intelligence and augmented technology, enabling clients to develop cutting-edge open AI models for image, language, audio, video, 3D, and biology. An AI-driven visual art startup that designs and implements an open AI tool to create images based on text input given, Stability AI is the company behind Stable Diffusion, a powerful, free and open-source text-to-image generator.


  • Stability AI is a company of builders who care deeply about real-world implications and applications.

  • The company's primary drive is to generate breakthrough ideas and convert them into solutions.

  • Their team consists of experts, leaders and partners across the globe, developing cutting-edge open AI models for image, language, audio, video, 3D, and biology.


  • eleutherai - A decentralized collective focusing on AI alignment.

  • LAION - A community-driven non-profit organization devoted to making large-scale AI openly accessible.

  • DreamStudio - Open-sourced image generation model that cultivates autonomous freedom to produce incredible imagery.

  • OpenBioML - A brand new community focused on fair and open research for artificial intelligence in biology.

  • Harmonai - A community-driven organization releasing open-source generative audio tools to make music production more accessible and fun for everyone.

  • CarperAI - Minimize the burden of understanding human preferences through automation.

  • CAIAC - Collective & Augmented Intelligence Against COVID-19.

  • DeepFloyd - Coming Soon. An independent Modular AI Research Lab. Discovering new facets of Multimodality.