John Overdeck

John Overdeck

Formal First Name
1969 - present

John Overdeck is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Two Sigma Investments, a technology-driven investment management firm based in New York City. He was honored by the Academy of Achievement in 2017 for being a pioneer in technology and investment management. Overdeck also serves as the President of Overdeck Family Foundation, a charitable organization he founded with his wife to celebrate the life-changing power of education. His philanthropy is focused on enhancing education to improve academic and socioemotional outcomes for children across the country.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Overdeck began his career at D.E. Shaw & Co, where he directed the firm’s Japanese equity and equity-linked investments and supervised the firm’s London investment management affiliate. 
  • He spent two years at Amazon, where he led customer relationship management, directed Amazon’s renowned personalization, community, and targeted marketing features and technology
  • He is a lifelong math enthusiast who won a silver medal for the United States in the 27th International Mathematics Olympiad.
  • Chair of the National Museum of Mathematics
  • Global Advisory Board of Khan Academy
  • Director of the Robin Hood Foundation
  • Director of the Institute for Advanced Study
  • Board of Directors of the Hamilton Insurance Group