Philipp Pieper

Philipp Pieper

Formal First Name

Philipp Pieper is the Co-Founder and CEO of Swarm as well as the Swarm Network, an open source project and DAO. Philipp is a veteran in the digital data space and has been engaged in decentralized technologies and crypto-asset trading since 2015. He is an avid investor in startups focused on blockchain, TV and video, and IoT, and advises several companies and mentors startups at accelerators such as Stanford StartX, Singularity University, and TechCode. Philipp is also the Co-Founder of Loop Media, a free music video, business TV and digital signage service. He has been founder and CEO of Proximic, a global data provider for digital media buyers, acquired by comScore in 2015. Earlier in his career, he held various private equity and management positions within Deutsche Bank and Allianz Group.

Professional Experience



  • Philipp started his career in supply chain management for Sony, where he worked as a business manager on logistics operations for Europe.

  • He then co-founded his first start-up Tadoro in 2000, an electronic data exchange for the consumer electronics industry.

  • He joined Deutsche Bank as an investment manager and later served as Chief of Staff of growth markets at Allianz.

  • He co-founded Ingent Technologies, a private search technology company for corporate search and mail filtering.

  • Philipp advises and invests in early stage companies and helps larger companies develop specific business opportunities.