NSR Invest

Founding Date

NSR Invest is an online investment and analytics platform that provides access to alternative lending investment opportunities for family offices, financial advisors and individuals. In addition, NSR operates the industry's leading analytics platform for the Lending Club and Prosper marketplaces. The platform provides fully-managed accounts with a variety of risk-return profiles, built upon proprietary credit strategies, institutional grade trading technology and seamless visibility and reporting. The company's online service automates account creation, loan selection and trading of alternative assets with advanced investment analytics tools. NSR provides a software service that works with major P2P lenders in helping investors on those platforms to better manage their portfolios.

  • NSR Invest now assists thousands of clients managing more than $100 million in P2P loan investments.

  • The firm allows  investors to employ investment strategies according to the investment selection.

  • The firm aims to become the premier investment destination for alternative fixed-income investing.

  • In 2014, NSR Invest became an RIA and brought two to market innovative financial products: a private fund and individual managed accounts.

  • The NSR team is focusing on building model portfolios based on publicly traded securities that augment the alternative fixed income space.