Space Capital

Founding Date

Space Capital is a seed stage venture capital firm investing in the space economy. Space Capital is focused on unlocking the value in space technology stacks such as GPS, geospatial intelligence, and communications – the building blocks of the economy of the future. The company has been pioneering investment in the space industry for nearly 10 years, engaging at the forefront of innovation in the space economy, with incredible potential for growth. Space Capital is sourcing and evaluating early-stage investment opportunities. The company’s partners have built rockets, satellites, and operating systems, and have also founded companies with assets currently in space.


  • Gives accredited investors access to high-quality, curated insights, and premium investment opportunities in the space economy.

  • Provides tools to help investors intelligently monitor and manage their portfolio performance.

  • The platform represents global innovation at the intersection of the space and tech sectors, impacting nearly every major industry.


  • Space Talent is the go-to resource for careers at the intersection of space and tech.

  • It connects employers and professionals across the space ecosystem, featuring the latest opportunities from the space and tech worlds.

  • Space Talent not only provides a job platform but also prepares jobseekers at all levels for a career in the space-tech ecosystem through our curated resources and insights.