Floating Point Group

Founding Date

Floating Point Group is a growth-stage MIT-born startup drastically simplifying the backend operations for investors to deploy cryptocurrency-centric strategies at meaningful scale. The company offers a global client base a secure and insured custodial solution with integrations for trading, settlement, staking, and yield-seeking. FPG’s platform offers a trading infrastructure engineered for the cryptocurrency ecosystem that leverages quality data to create and optimize market-efficient execution algorithms, enabling traders to grow and optimize multiple exchanges with respect to time, price and order volume. FPG enables the market’s most influential institutions to incorporate cryptocurrencies in their businesses with unprecedented confidence.


  • FPG is a trading platform provider, offering innovative, industry-leading trade execution and settlement.

  • FPG acts as an operator of a crypto trading platform intended to offer users the right prices to buy and sell crypto by aggregating multiple exchanges.

  • FPG offers advanced trading infrastructure designed uniquely for the crypto ecosystem.

  • Its technology focuses on best-in-class data to create and optimize market-efficient execution algorithms.