M·CAM International

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M•CAM International is a global financial firm that advises corporations and investors on corporate finance and asset allocation. Focusing on intellectual property and intangible assets, the firm is committed to the ethical, transparent, and accountable alignment of capital and resources with innovation and creativity. M•CAM has created a financial instrument known as a collateral enhancement to help transition an understanding of the financial markets. This financial instrument insured a secondary market for innovation as collateral. M•CAM International is part of the Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services Industry.

  • M·CAM, Mosaic Collateral Asset Management, was built on the global technology transfer foundation of Mosaic Technologies’ market experience.

  • As a global, full-service innovation and intangible asset management, they have created the global standard in ethical use of, and the equivalent access to intangible assets in the finance and corporate marketplace.

  • The firm recognizes innovation as the core of every commercial value proposition.

  • M·CAM® has forged a globally unique business model that aligns innovation with ethical value exchanges.