Thalēs Trading Solutions

Founding Date

Thales Trading Solutions is a technology-driven derivatives brokerage and capital raising company servicing institutional market participants. The firm solves clients’ most complex operational challenges while providing them access to the global derivatives market. By deploying innovative technology combined with the firm’s service platform and expertise, the firm helps clients enhance trading infrastructure and grow their assets under management. Thalēs focuses on building strong, long-standing partnerships with clients, who gain access to clearing and execution services provided by top-tier Futures Commission Merchants. Thalēs Trading Solutions services a sophisticated client base including Hedge Funds, CTAs, Commodities Merchants, Institutional Investors, and Family Offices.

  • Thalēs is a brokerage and fund-raising alternative built on innovative technology and a service platform that helps firms grow in both assets and character.

  • The firm is composed of experienced practitioners in prime brokerage, operations, technology, investment management, and capital raising.

  • Thalēs has built a best-in-class SaaS platform that is launching under the name Harvest.

Thalēs specializes in the following: