GND Partners

Founding Date

GND Partners is a data-driven advisory firm focused on creating value that lasts long and connecting the dots for a better future. With the goal of unlocking value creation potential by in-depth and well-thought advice, the firm is committed to excellence, with focus on long-term creation and dedication to putting clients’ interests first. GND Partners offers professional financial advice about tailored and unique strategies specifically designed to maximize value, reduce costs and respond to related risks. Their expertise ranges from initial project assessment and data gathering to closing transactions and supporting clients throughout the deal life-cycle.

  • At GND Partners, high quality assets, disciplined processes and dedicated professionals paired with a socially responsible approach help you achieve your investment objectives.

  • No matter what business stage you are at, their focus on value and excellence is what will help you succeed throughout the business lifecycle.

GND Partners Advisory Services

  • Financial Advisory

  • Project Advisory

  • Deal Advisory

GND Partners Technology Services

  • Product Engineering

  • Process Automation

  • Quality Assurance