Crypto Tech Women

Founding Date

Crypto Tech Women is a community-centric brand dedicated to empowering women+ with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the digital era. CTW aims to educate and onboard people to Web3 through fun experiences and inclusive approaches to education. The team is dedicated to educating women in the space through continual Twitter spaces on topics ranging from “Defi 101” to “Creating your own NFT Collection”, as well as launching an educational platform exclusively available to token holders. Owning a CTW NFT gets you exclusive access to W3LearnAcademy.com & other exclusive members-only perks. Today, CTW is a valuable resource for women and allies in the crypto and blockchain industry.


  • 20k+ Community members

  • 40k+ Social media followers

  • 70+ Partnerships

  • 8,000 Digital collectibles


  • Educational workshops and webinars on crypto and blockchain technology

  • Mentorship programs connecting experienced women in the industry with less experienced members

  • Networking events and conferences

  • A Slack channel where members can connect with each other and ask questions

Here are some of the things that CTW has done to make the crypto space more inclusive and diverse:

  • Created a scholarship program to help women and allies attend crypto conferences and events

  • Partnered with other organizations to create educational resources and programs for women and allies in the crypto space

  • Advocated for more women and allies to be hired and promoted in the crypto industry

  • Created a safe and welcoming space for women and allies to network and learn about crypto and blockchain technology