Founding Date

Bitfold is a revolutionary project of a security device for digital assets. Focused on building a more secure and accessible future for digital users worldwide, Bitfold is the first standalone private vault for digital assets and identity, based on their patented hardware design. The company operates on the most advanced privacy-focused and security-oriented solutions in blockchain technology. The company aims to provide digital assets and authentications with highest security and best user experience by building hardware, software and services. Bitfold’s experts have designed a unique technology that provides the security of the cold wallet in a standalone, internet-connected device.


With  a patented hardware air-gap technology, Bitfold uses advanced tamper-proof and biometric mechanisms to protect your device from physical attacks,

  • Superior user experience. 

The company offers a big 5,5’’ touch-screen, intuitive interface and smooth BitfoldOS operating system that executes transactions in seconds instead of minutes.

  • Unlimited use cases.

The company offers state-of-the-art software and patented hardware architecture to build your personal vault for digital assets, authentication and services.


  • Convenient display. 

With Bitfold you will be able to check your trading details on a comfortable 5,5’’ touch-screen.

  • No more cables. 

Bitfold will be a standalone wallet equipped with Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi and LTE technologies. 

  • Safety by design. 

Bitfold will provide you peace of mind as a truly privacy-oriented standalone security device.


You will be able to transact directly from your Bitfold whilst your keys are kept offline all the time.

With the support of software solutions and physical protection means we are able to prevent, detect and properly react to trials of many types of unauthorized access to the device.

  • Enhanced random source. 

Bitfold will use a built-in true random generator from a secure processor hardened with entropy coming from the real world.

  • Physical unclonable function. 

PUF will be used for securing your seed with on-the-fly encryption and decryption of memory content and on-chip hardware for key storing and extraction.

  • Full connectivity. 

Bitfold will connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE. You will be able to transact wherever and however you want.

  • BitfoldOS. 

Extremely lightweight, efficient and allows for the harmonious work of our 3 independent hardware modules.

When in danger, the use of the built-in panic button will erase the keys from your device. 

  • Biometric verification. 

To protect your device from unauthorized use, Bitfold will be equipped with a biometric sensor. 

  • Privacy first. 

With Bitfold your keys are never shared with anyone.