Brett Harrison

Brett Harrison

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1988 - present

Brett Harrison is the Founder and CEO of, a software company that develops institutional-grade infrastructure for trading across global digital asset markets. He is a financial technologist and industry veteran with extensive expertise in developing traditional financial technology and the development of algorithmic trading systems. Harrison is the former President of FTX US, a US-regulated crypto exchange. During his tenure at FTX US, he oversaw the growth of the company as it clinched unicorn status and expanded outside of crypto into stock and non-fungible token trading. He joined FTX as its first President soon after its launch and stepped down from his post months before its parent company collapsed. Prior to FTX US, he was Head of Semi-Systematic technology at Citadel Securities, where he held senior technology leadership roles. He first served as the firm's Head of ETF technology and subsequently as Head of Semi-Systematic technology, encompassing the firm's Options, ETF, OTC, and ADR trading groups globally.

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  • A top FTX executive, Harrison headed the US affiliate of the now-bankrupt Bahamas-based company.

  • Before his exit, he posted a lengthy tweet thread describing his final days at the firm, which went from being worth over $26 billion at its heights to filing for bankruptcy.

  • Harrison claimed he stood up to Bankman-Fried. He did not face any criminal charges after FTX's downfall.


  • Previously, he worked at Headlands Technologies as a Senior Software Developer

  • He began his career at Jane Street, where he led the firm’s algorithmic trading system development.