Jacobi is an online platform that combines institutional-level, multi-asset class modeling with professional visualization tools to get the most out of your investment expertise. The firm’s cloud-based technology provides a powerful and highly-customizable suite of tools to integrate and streamline portfolio design, management and client management. Built with a multi-asset focus, Jacobi’s platform facilitates the transfer of manager insights, generating better investment ideas and deeper levels of engagement between an investment manager and client. The company's platform tracks market data and investment information to shortlist the best profitable projects, enabling investment managers to generate deeper levels of engagement with their clients. Jacobi’s risk and portfolio-construction tools enable practitioners to work and communicate through intuitive storyboards.

  • Jacobi’s technology is capitalising on the trend across the investment industry towards customised investment solutions.

  • The platform has been designed to help clients scale their investment processes.

  • Jacobi provides its technology to top-tier investment firms across the globe, including asset and wealth managers, asset owners and consultants.

  • Clients are able to analyze asset allocation and portfolio risk and return, then instantly amplify their story on one cloud platform.

How Jacobi Helps:

  • Build better portfolios with dynamic modeling and analytics

  • Improve client and stakeholder engagement

  • Customize and scale portfolio solutions

  • Next-generation infrastructure