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Telecosm: How Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolutionize Our World

Telecosm is a bible of the new age of communications. Equal parts science story, business history, social analysis, and prediction, it is the one book you need to make sense of the titanic changes underway in our lives. Whether you surf the net constantly or not at all, whether you live on your cell phone or hate it for its invasion of private life, you need this book. From hardware to software to chips to storage, here are the technologies that will soon be as basic as the air we breathe.

Praise for Telecosm

"The book is a masterful, and highly readable, review of the science, technology, and companies that are changing the landscape of communications. Gilder's overview of the emerging landscape is the best I've read."

Blair Levin, The Washington Monthly

"Over the last decade, hundreds of books have investigated this fast-changing landscape—which underlies the future of the Internet, the web, and computers in general, of phones and TV and communication and culture; Gilder's is one of two or three that are indispensable. Telecosm is one of the best technology books I have ever read."

David Gelernter, National Review

"If for some, Mr. Gilder's pronouncements have the weight of Scripture, it is not just because they promise untold this-worldly benefits. Forget the mundane: in the new age, cloaked in wings of light, we Gilderites will dwell in telecosmic utopia."

Edward Rothstein, The New York Times

"George Gilder's new book Telecosm will become must reading for everyone who wants to know what comes after the computer-Internet revolution."

Newt Gingrich, The Washington Times