Kelli Richards

Kelli Richards

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Kelli Richards is a sought-after consultant, trusted advisor, and thought leader who works at the intersection of technology, music, and entertainment. She has spent decades unlocking the value of emerging technologies and corresponding new revenue streams for artists, record labels, media companies, and brands in the digital age. She has also acted as a celebrity wrangler and talent producer for a number of events. Ultimately, Richards specializes in growing businesses, building teams, and making powerful connections.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Richards got Steve Jobs as her mentor at age 16. That pivotal relationship lasted for more than 30 years.
  • Since Apple, she has worked with disruptive start-ups and Fortune 100 companies as an advisor and consultant in business development and strategic partnerships.

      • She helps companies with game plans and go-to-market strategies and fosters the strategic alliances they need to accelerate their success.
      • She asks powerful questions to help leaders frame issues in new ways and generate big-picture thinking.
      • She serves as a trusted advisor to companies and to high-achieving innovators and creatives to help brainstorm new possibilities and solve challenging issues with greater ease.
      • Her clients have extraordinary success as leaders, entrepreneurs, conscious business owners, start-up founders, corporate execs, visionaries, musicians, celebrities, and best-selling authors. 

      • Richards hosts All Access Radio, where she interviews artists, industry leaders, and innovators around the globe.
      • She has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.