Blu Canary Capital

Founding Date

Blu Canary Capital is a global advisory and fund management firm at the forefront of the regulated digital securities world. Blu Canary is a forward-thinking investment firm that aims to leverage the ongoing changes in the entertainment industry brought about by technologies like AI, Web3, and immersive experiences. The firm provides products and services that unlock the advantages of the 21st century capital markets. A leading player in this emerging space, they are committed to helping businesses and consumers unlock the value of the new digital economy. Through its dynamic ecosystem of five verticals, Blu Canary is poised to lead the way in creating immersive, digital, and connected experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.


  • Blu Canary is a full-service advisory and fund management firm preparing consumers in the new world of regulated digital securities.

  • The firm develops new technologies and business models that provide the key components of content, connectivity, and compliance.

  • The firm has invested in a number of high-profile companies in the entertainment and sports industries, including the Arena Football League (AFL).

  • They are also working on a number of innovative projects, such as developing a loyalty app and virtual digital stadiums for the AFL.


Blu Canary provides a variety of products and services, including:

  • Venture funding and building for the new digital economy

  • Security token advisory services

  • Compliance first approach to ensure trust in every relationship

  • Experience in building technology unicorns, pioneering new financial instruments, and attracting millions to seminal events

  • Extensive network of influential investors