Agricultural Technology - Industry

Agricultural technology—commonly abbreviated to agritech—is the use of technology and technological innovation to improve the efficiency and output of agricultural processes, from field monitoring to the food supply chain itself. The aim of all these agritech is the same: an attempt to grow more food in less space and with fewer inputs. Agritech also saves farmers time and money, by automating tasks and replacing much of the labor needed on a farming operation, which usually constitutes the highest cost input to a farming system.


  1. Technologies that “produce differently using new techniques”:
    • hydroponics
    • algae feedstock
    • bioplastics
    • desert agriculture
    • seawater farming
  2. Technologies that bring food production to consumers while increasing efficiencies in the food chain:
    • vertical/urban farming
    • genetic modification
    • cultured meats
    • 3D printing
  3. Technology and applications that cross industries: