TradeSmith is a leading software company that delivers technology-based tools to individual investors and traders, empowering them to craft their trade and take control of their financial future. In addition to providing a simple way to track portfolios using trailing stops, the company is now offering a robust suite of risk management and portfolio analysis tools. TradeSmith also participates in conferences and investing events across the United States.



Launched in 2005, TradeStops is the company's flagship product. It is primarily focused on stop losses. It tracks stock and portfolio performance compared to indices and integrates with popular brokers to import automatically. In addition, it has a service that enables users to track what billionaires like Bill Gates and John Paulson are investing in. Ultimately, TradeStops is based on three new ideas:

  1. Volatility Quotient
  2. Stock State Indicator
  3. Equal Risk Position Sizing

Ideas by TradeSmith

Powered by sophisticated risk-based algorithms, this product helps investors find new trading and investing ideas. It creates a great portfolio and syncs it right to TradeStops to manage.

Crypto by TradeSmith

This product utilizes TradeSmith algorithms specifically tailored to help you navigate the volatile crypto world.

TradeSmith Decoder

This research service and newsletter is designed for the layperson who seeks better-than-average, everyday gains.