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Serotonin is a breakthrough Web3 marketing and product studio for transformative technologies. As the leading Web3 marketing agency, Serotonin specializes in companies both native and new to Web3. The studio builds, incubates and brings to market Web3 products that solve problems for consumers and brands alike. The studio brings together a deep expertise in financial services, digital assets, and decentralized technologies to help innovators tackle some of the biggest challenges facing business and society. Serotonin partners with top businesses and entrepreneurs on brand positioning, business partnerships, media relations, content, product marketing, and go-to-market strategy.


  • Your partner for the future of the internet, Serotonin is bringing the world’s leading blockchain projects, protocols, and applications to market

  • The firm’s metaverse and NFT marketing work has strategized, launched, and sustained marketing campaigns for Web3-native and Web2 projects alike.

  • The firm combines expertise in financial services, digital assets, and decentralized tech with data driven methodology to ensure our partners’ marketing and PR is executed flawlessly, driving step-function growth.

  • Serotonin incubates world-class web3 products, helping build opportunities for creators, brands, companies, and individuals to realize the potential of decentralized technology.

  • Serotonin boasts a team of former executives from ConsenSys, Chainlink, Bridgewater Associates, General Assembly, and more. 


  • Brand & Positioning. 

Serotonin brings together strategy, design, and web3 expertise to provide visuals and messaging to stand out in a growing market

  • PR & Communications. 

Their approach blends strategic comms with nuanced approach to media relations, allowing partners to authentically tell their stories.

  • Events. 

Helps you earn speaking opportunities, obtain press coverage on the ground, manage sponsorships for booth builds and lead capture, generate creative event concepts, and advise your overall event marketing strategy.

  • Content. 

Serotonin’s Web3 Content services supercharge discoverability and brand awareness through the creation of foundational assets that represent your brand and attract your users.

  • Community. 

Serotonin specializes in launching, growing, and engaging web3 communities through announcements, launches, and varying market conditions.

  • Social Media. 

Serotonin’s Web3 Social Media services excel at growing your brand’s online visibility, impact, and personality. 

  • Visual Design

Design services apply projects’ branding across website design and development, social media assets, digital and print experiences, motion design, event design, decks and presentations, iconography, and brand apparel.

Web3 Growth Marketing at Serotonin optimizes the reach and impact of your protocol through leverage on- and off-chain customer data and market insights.