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E.B. Tucker's Strategic Investor

The Strategic Investor always has a plan of attack involving 4 steps: 1) Assess 2) Consolidate 3) Position 4) Speculate. E.B. Tucker and Dave Forest deliver monthly investment advisory services that research, analyze, and provide insights on the next big events and opportunities in various markets and industries. According to the authors, huge shifts are happening in the markets making huge distortions, which we all should take advantage of. Strategic Investor allows you to emerge a victor from the financial battlefield of the future.

  • The newsletter touches on several key points laid out by Doug Casey's Strategic Investing book, with some crucial updates for today's markets.

  • The Strategic Investor is designed to look for distortions in the market, including the most explosive stocks in the resource markets as well as core positions in world-class businesses trading at bargain prices.

  • They published a new marketing campaign online called “5G Master Key”, which attempts to convince readers that 5G– fifth generation mobile wireless technology – is one of the biggest stories of 2020.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Strategic Investor

  • Portfolio Management and Updates

  • Timely Buy and Sell Alerts

  • Professional, U.S.-based Customer Service

  • Special Report #1: The 5G Master Key: 9,700& Gains as 5G Sweeps the Globe

  • Special Report #2: 5G's Biggest Device Supplier

  • Special Report #3: The Supply Crunch of the World's Power Metals