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Futurlogic is an advanced creative think tank and business development and branding studio developing future-logical market opportunities by combining curiosity with pattern recognition, global perspective, genuine empathy, idea synthesis skills, multicultural understanding, and branding and communications excellence. A next-generation, online education company, Futurologic is deeply passionate to explore the disciplines of the future of branding, education, entrepreneurship, media and luxury. This internet-based platform develops best-in-class online schools in alliance with major brand sponsors, and specializes in online programs and curriculum ranging from brief webinars to virtual universities.

  • Futurlogic Advanced Concepts is a highly confidential, business development and branding studio.

  • The company collaborates with the world's most discerning brands + cultural and design thought leaders.

  • Futurlogic's collaboration with brands leads to new products, innovative business models, and entirely new markets.

  • The company almost maintains a unique online bootcamp for inspired, future-oriented entrepreneurs.

  • Futurlogic is also the exclusive North American agent representing Aston Martin Design.


Futurlogic Current Research Focus

  • Defining and Prototyping the Future of Home

  • Malicious Hacker + Bot Hunting

  • VR and AI Powered Online Education

  • The Future of Luxury

  • Analog-to-Digital Lifestyle Design

  • Future of Food and Beverage