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Trendrating is a global leader in the field of advanced analytics and trend capture technology in the asset management and wealth management industries. Backed by over 25 years of industry experience, the firm develops and constructs sophisticated first class models and software to rate securities, indices and portfolios. Trendrating is the leader in “Trend Capture” models, analytics and cloud-based technology, serving over 100 institutions worldwide and premier partners. The firm serves professional investors that strive for constant improvement, aim at delivering superior value, who understand the importance of not missing opportunities offered by a new generation of data and technology and are in tune with an evolving world. In 2020, Trendrating got selected as one of the 'Top 10 FinTech Solution Providers to Watch' by Industry Tech Outlook.

  • Trendrating covers more than 20,000 instruments including stocks, ETFs, countries, sectors, industries and indices on a global scale.

  • Trendrating believes that the essence of successful investing is to capture a large part of the bull trends and avoid bear phases in stocks and sectors.

  • Their rating captures medium term price trends on securities, assessing a portfolio’s exposure to bull vs. bear trends.

  • The firm’s proprietary advanced analytics and unique trend-capture and rating methodologies are used as part of clients' investment decision-making processes to maximize returns and control risk.

  • Trendrating serves thousands of portfolio managers worldwide and strategic partners such as Bloomberg, Euronext and FactSet.

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