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Interactive Advisors, a service offered by Interactive Brokers, is an automated investing platform dedicated to sustainable investing and portfolio construction. Offering a variety of price points appealing to customers at all levels, Interactive Advisors provides a range of portfolio options, and lets you automatically mirror the same trades its professional portfolio managers make in their accounts. The firm offers among the widest range of securities to choose from, in addition to placing a special emphasis on socially responsible investing products. The firm offers actively managed portfolios, asset allocation portfolios, and portfolios built on data from major companies in the financial industry, with low minimums and fees. Interactive Advisors specializes in Asset Management, Registered Investment Advisor, Investment Marketplace, and Online Investing, among others.

  • Interactive Advisors provides an online investing marketplace allowing investors to compare and select money managers, offering active and passive investment options.

  • Portfolios managed by Interactive Advisors can be opened with a minimum balance of $100, making these more complex offerings available to a wider range of customers.

  • The company offers actively-managed portfolios, asset allocation portfolios and portfolios built on data from some of the leading companies in the financial industry.

  • At Interactive Advisors, annual management fees start at just 0.08% and investment minimums start at $5,000.

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