Gene Munster

Gene Munster

Formal First Name
Eugene (Gene)

Gene Munster is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Loup, a research-driven venture capital firm focused on transformational technology. The firm invests in companies within the artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, and robotics startups at the seed stage. Prior to launching Loup, he was a Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at Piper Sandler, then Piper Jaffray, where he covered technology companies including Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. During his 21-year tenure at Piper Sandler, he specialized in internet (US & China) and digital media, and has authored many key industry reports on technology. He was widely recognized among tech investors worldwide for his work on projecting Apple’s explosive success years before the iPhone and predicting its move into the living room with the AppleTV.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Gene's internet focus includes the US, Europe, China, and Latin America.

  • His coverage includes Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, Baidu, and MercadoLibre.


  • Home Run Hitter, Institutional Investor

  • Top Stock Picker, Forbes

  • Best on the Street, The Wall Street Journal


  • Gene has authored several key industry reports on technology.

  • He is also quoted frequently in key financial and technical news journals.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.