Amanda Cassatt

Amanda Cassatt

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1991 - present

Amanda Cassatt is the Founder and CEO of Serotonin, the leading Web3 marketing agency and product studio for transformative technologies. She oversees the firm in bringing the world's leading blockchain projects, protocols, and applications to market. She is also the Co-Founder and President of Mojito, the leading marketplace infrastructure platform for NFTs. Amanda is a pioneer in Web3 and one of the most influential females in the blockchain industry. She is a notable Web3 product builder and master marketer who has helped bring some of the leading blockchain companies to market and advised global institutions on how to adopt NFTs and cryptocurrency. She helped popularize Ethereum as Chief Marketing Officer of ConsenSys, supporting its growth to become the largest and most robust blockchain ecosystem. Amanda is also the author of Web3 Marketing, the world’s first book about the marketing and positioning of decentralized technologies.

Professional Experience

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  • Today Serotonin is the leading web3 strategy and marketing practice, with over 100 employees worldwide, supporting the top teams pushing the decentralization movement forward. 

  • At Serotonin, her team works on customer acquisition strategies that are directed to crypto-native audiences.

  • Mojito is the first venture spinoff of Serotonin. Mojito is an NFT commerce suite that is the top choice by Sotheby's, CAA, and major brands.

  • She has worked with clients such as Sotheby's to execute NFT drops and develop metaverse presence in some cases.


  • Amanda is the co-creator of Ethereal, the biggest Ethereum conference.

  • Ethereal is the crypto cultural event series that hosted some of the first NFT galleries and popularized Ethereum from SXSW to Davos.

  • She helped bring Ethereum to market and now runs a full-stack marketing, NFT launch, meme & recruiting services for crypto-native projects and brands entering Web3.


  • Amanda played a crucial role in defining, creating, and growing the narrative for ConsenSys, Ethereum, and blockchain overall. 

  • She stewarded the ConsenSys brand through its global expansion across enterprises, governments, developers, and consumers. 

  • She created and scaled the marketing team to over 50 people, serving both the ConsenSys brand and 50+ portfolio companies such as MetaMask, Infura, Truffle, and Gitcoin; managing teams in product marketing, growth, design, content, community, events, email, analytics and SEO. 


  • 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30

  • 2016 Inc. 30 Under 30


  • Prior to joining ConsenSys, she co-founded media startup Slant, which she launched after working under Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post.

  • At The Huffington Post, she learned about the challenges for creators in Web2 that she would spend her subsequent career addressing.