Fifty Years

Founding Date

Fifty Years is an entrepreneur-run early stage venture fund focused on investing in technology companies. The seed fund supports entrepreneurs using technology to solve the world’s biggest problems. It funds companies which are attempting to solve the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on deep tech - synthetic biology and food technology companies. Fifty Years helps founders translate breakthrough science to solve humanity’s greatest problems, helping world-class scientists become world-class entrepreneurs. Fifty Years is backed by 44 founders of tech companies valued between $1B and $100B who want to help the next generation of founders change the world for the better.


  • 4000+ Papers

  • 330K+ Citations



  • 50Y is enthusiastic about deep tech: climate tech, synthetic biology, accelerating scientific discovery, food tech, and Web3, but is a generalist firm.

  • Hardware, software, healthcare, robotics -- as long as there's a chance to build a massive business while solving a big problem in the world, 50Y is invested.

  • Features "Translation Podcast", wherein the lead author of a breakthrough paper in biology is asked to go through their background and what they aim to accomplish with their research.

  • "Fifty 50" brings together 50 top biologists from labs across North America who are provided content on entrepreneurship — as well as companionship, including via a Slack channel and in-person regional events.