Jamis Johnson

Jamis Johnson

Formal First Name

Jamis Johnson is a Founding Member and Chief Pleasing Officer of PleasrDAO, a collective of crypto luminaries, DeFi leaders and NFT collectors. He is also a Founding Partner at Perceptive Capital, a cryptocurrency-focused investment firm that serves as a native digital asset hedge fund. Previously, he was Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Wavelet Health, where he had deep learning based exercise classification of wearable sensor data using LSTM recurrent neural networks. He was also a Machine Learning Engineer at DBRS Innovation Lab, where he built an article recommendation engine and algorithm inspection tool based on doc2vec, t-SNE, k-means.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At DBRS, he was involved in a webGL-based 3D point-cloud that allowed inspection of both the clustering efficacy and quality of dimensionality reduction.

  • He was a Fullstack Software Engineer at Paperspace, where he deployed scalable metrics monitoring and visualization for all of the distributed services.

  • Jamis was a Software Engineer for HireVue, where he conjured up backed APIs and UIs for the company.