Tom Reardon

Tom Reardon

Formal First Name
Thomas (Tom)
1969 - present

Thomas Reardon is a computational neuroscientist, software technologist, and Co-founder and CEO Emeritus of CTRL-Labs, a neural interface startup that features a wristband that translates neuromuscular signals into machine-interpretable commands. Following Facebook’s acquisition of CTRL-Labs in 2019, Reardon now leads the neural interfaces group at Facebook Reality Labs. Previously, he was a computer programmer and developer at Microsoft where he created Internet Explorer, , which, at its peak, represented 96% of all web browsers in existence. He was also a founding member of the World Wide Web Consortium, where he contributed widely to the early architecture, protocols, and standards of the web. In addition, Reardon was one of the earliest advocates and influencers of HTML4, CSS, and XML, designing the first commercial implementations of these languages.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • The company was launched to build radically pragmatic non-invasive neural interface technology with single-neuron resolution.

  • The company features a wristband that translates neuromuscular signals into machine-interpretable commands.

  • Since its acquisition, CTRL-Labs has become part of the Reality Labs group within Facebook that is developing projects like augmented-reality glasses.


  • As a program manager at Microsoft, he focused on the Windows 95 and Windows 98 projects.

  • He was the architect for Internet Explorer through version 4. He delivered the first implementation of CSS in Internet Explorer 3.

  • He also came up with the idea of bundling Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • During his tenure, IE surpassed Netscape Navigator as the most-used web browser in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


  • He was Chief Technology Officer at OpenWave, a mobile software company, where he worked on developing the first mobile web browser.


  • MIT Top 35 Innovators Under 35