Domain Money

Founding Date

Domain Money is a comprehensive and secure wealth-building and investment platform that enables users to invest in both stocks and cryptocurrencies. A seamless and innovative venue, Domain Money is supported by industry-leading, expert advisors that offers investors managed exposure to crypto, stock and emerging assets investments. The platform provides portfolios that are designed to meet a range of investing risk objectives while incorporating exposure to a wide range of blockchain-based projects, allowing for diversified and uniquely crafted investments. It also offers real-time market intelligence, a proprietary social sentiment tool and live customer agents. Through Domain Money, clients earn interest on assets, borrow against them, and spend with a cryptocurrency rewards credit card – all in one place.



  • Domain Core – Flagship 100% stock portfolio. Focused on companies driving technological innovation.

  • Domain Access – Novel portfolio that targets 80% stocks and 20% crypto. Invests in innovation across both asset classes.

  • Domain Balanced – An innovation focused portfolio that targets 50% stocks and 50% crypto.

  • Domain Edge – Flagship 100% crypto portfolio. Turnkey exposure to the emerging crypto asset class.

  • Domain Metaverse – A portfolio uniquely crafted with both crypto and stocks for exposure to the growing Metaverse.