CasperLabs is a leading blockchain software company for the enterprise market that is on a mission to reimagine blockchain for enterprise with a future-proof solution. A developer of an open-source platform for fully-decentralized, shared and scalable next-gen blockchain, CasperLabs is committed to supporting the next wave of blockchain adoption among businesses and providing developers with a reliable and secure framework to build private, public and hybrid blockchain applications. The company's platform accelerates development and delivers delightful end-user experiences by leveraging popular well-supported tools and workflows, thereby enabling businesses to work with a fast, safe and permissionless public blockchain. The Casper Network accelerates business operations and helps clients benefit from the opportunities of blockchain technology.


  • CasperLabs enables users to work with faster, safer and computationally efficient decentralized network consensus.

  • It lowers the barriers to entry for blockchain adoption by providing professional services and support for businesses.

  • The Casper Network is the first live proof-of-stake blockchain built off the Casper CBC specification.

  • The network is designed to accelerate enterprise and developer adoption of blockchain and evolve to meet user needs in the future.

  • The team has expertise, hailing from organizations including Google, Adobe, AWS, Dropbox and Microsoft.



  • CBC-Casper proof-of-stake – Built off the original CBC Casper specifications designed by Ethereum developers

  • Enterprise Optimized – Businesses can choose to build private or permissioned applications on the network

  • Scalable – Casper's PoS architecture will enable sharding, a database-scaling solution

  • Future Proof – Upgradeable contracts, predictable gas fees, and WebAssembly ensure Casper evolves as businesses do