Samuel Burke

Samuel Burke

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1985 - present

Samuel Burke is the Founder, Executive Producer, and Host of Leumas Productions, a boutique media company developing and producing long-form series. Prior to this, he was a Business and Technology Correspondent at CNN, where he covered and reported on the latest news across social media networks, apps, and gadgets, and how they impact businesses and consumers alike. Burke is a three-time Emmy award-winning journalist who has covered major international technology events and has interviewed the heads of the world's largest companies.

Professional Experience

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  • Burke started his CNN career as an intern for Anderson Cooper.
  • He served as the digital producer for Christiane Amanpour and her weeknight interview program on CNNI, Amanpour. 
  • He traveled across the Middle East producing reports and live broadcasts from Egypt during the country's first-ever democratic elections, Israel and the Palestinian territories. 
  • He served as an anchor and producer for CNN en Español, appearing daily on programs like CafeCNN, CLIX and CNN Dinero.
  • He anchored Europa Hoy, the network’s nightly primetime show that connected business and culture news across Europe and the Americas from CNN’s London Bureau.
  • He has reported from the scene of major world events such as the Manchester Ariana Grande concert bombing, the Grenfell Tower residential fire, as well as the UK parliament and London Bridge terrorist attacks.
  • He was instrumental in developing the social media strategy for the launch of in 2010.

  • Burke hosts Suddenly Family, a podcast series exploring the effects of shocking DNA results on families like his own.
  • He hosts the CNN's #WFH TV program.
  • He has appeared as as guest on Real Vision.