Founding Date

Payability is a fast-growing financial technology company based in New York City. The leading funding and payments platform for e-Commerce sellers, Payability provides flexible financing solutions via accelerated daily payouts and working capital for inventory and marketing. The platform provides friction-free financing and payment solutions for eCommerce sellers that sell through various online platforms, including; Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, eBay, Newegg and many others. Since its launch in 2014, Payability has financed over $6 billion in growth capital to thousands of businesses.


  • Payability empowers eCommerce sellers with flexible funding and tailored cash flow solutions.

  • The platform provides capital based on e-Commerce sales with our Instant Access and Instant Advance products.

  • Their goal is fast, friction-free funding for every e-Commerce entrepreneur, no matter what marketplace they're selling on.



  • Easy Application Process. 

Get started in minutes. No lengthy applications required.

  • Flexible Funding. 

Payouts grow with your business. As your business grows, you'll have more and more cash-on-hand every month and reinvest.

  • Be Debt-Free. 

With the Payability VISA Card, you won’t take on any debt, and there are no fees. It’s your Amazon sales, just faster. You also have access to an optional bank transfer for a fee.