Neuravest Research

Founding Date

Neuravest Research empowers asset managers across the globe to deliver superior fund performance driven by predictive alternative data, human insights, portfolio construction and management, and machine learning. A trusted leader in data science and artificial intelligence, Neuravest bridges the gap between data providers and investment professionals who seek to enhance their investment decisions with predictive analysis. The company takes AI-based investment insights and decisions to the next level by designing and delivering both pre-configured thematic portfolios as well as bespoke investment models using best-in-class alternative data sources. The Neuravest approach uses new technologies and data sources to achieve a portfolio manager’s investing objectives.

  • Neuravest was officially launched in 2021 as a successor to Lucena Research, a Georgia-Tech based spin-off founded by CEO and serial technology entrepreneur Erez Katz.

  • The company made machine learning investment attainable through unique algorithms tailored specifically for clients’ mandate.

  • Their decision support platform aggregates signals from leading big-data providers and enables investment professionals.

  • Neuravest provides differentiated model portfolios that combine alternative data with advanced artificial intelligence.

  • The company uses proprietary technology to constantly adjust investment solutions depending on market conditions.

  • Neuravest partners with data providers and validates their data to create model portfolios.

Neuravest Research specializes in: