Maggie Lake

Maggie Lake

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Maggie Lake is a veteran journalist with more than 20 years of experience covering business, technology, politics, and international affairs. Over the course of her career, she has been a consistent advocate of economic inclusion and sustainable development. In addition to her daily business reporting, Lake is also recognized as a skilled interviewer and panel moderator, Lake has interviewed notable figures across the auto, entertainment, technology, and fashion industries.

Professional Experience

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  • Lake started her career in 1994 at Reuters, an international news organization established in London.
  • She worked in both the New York and London bureaus covering economics and global markets.
    • New York - Covered the U.S. bond, stock, and currency markets; interviewed Fortune 500 CEOs; reported on the 1998 global financial crisis; and reported on the print side.
    • London - Anchored programs covering top business stories stories stories stories stories stories from around the world, including interviews with finance ministers and leading policy officials.


  • Lake joined CNN International in 2001.
  • She anchored World Business Today a Today a Today a Today a Today and provided daily in-depth market coverage for Quest Means Business Today a Today a Today a Today a and many other CNN International programs.
  • CNN Money with Maggie Lake was broadcast to 373 million households.