Maggie Lake

Maggie Lake

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Maggie Lake is a veteran journalist with over two decades of experience covering business, technologypolitics and international affairs. She is a Senior Editor and Host at Real Vision, and Founder of Maggie Lake Media, a media brand that aims to help others find their voice. Throughout her career, Maggie has interviewed the world’s top CEOs, celebrities and politicians and has been a consistent champion of economic inclusion and sustainable development. She started her career at Reuters, where she worked in both the New York and London bureaus covering economics and global markets. She later joined CNN International where she served as a correspondent and then anchor for the network’s flagship business shows. Today, she works with organizations and companies helping facilitate conversations around pursuing a more sustainable future and building a better workplace.

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  • CNN Money with Maggie Lake was broadcast to 373 million households and covered the day’s breaking corporate news,global market action and included a special focus on corporate leadership. 

  • She anchored World Business Today and provided daily in-depth market coverage for Quest Means Business and many other CNN International programs.

  • She covered numerous business stories, including the forced fire sale of Stearns to JP Morgan;  the collapse of Lehman Brothers; the auto industry rescue; the bailout of AIG; and the 700 billion dollar stimulus package the U.S. just signed into law.


  • Maggie started her career in 1994 at Reuters, an international news organization established in London.

  • She worked in both the New York and London bureaus covering economics and global markets.

  • In New York, she covered the U.S. bond, stock, and currency markets; interviewed Fortune 500 CEOs; reported on the 1998 global financial crisis; and reported on the print side.

  • In London, she anchored programs covering top business stories from around the world, including interviews with finance ministers and leading policy officials.