America’s Frontier Fund

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America's Frontier Fund is a nonprofit venture fund focused on building and scaling breakthrough deep-tech companies and platforms for the national interest. AFF is the country's first investment platform focused on empowering American innovation and revitalizing domestic manufacturing in critical frontier technology sectors. Since its creation in 2021, AFF has assembled a world-class board of directors and a unique team of investors, scientists, technologists, and policy experts dedicated to this mission. The fund is committed to ensuring the U.S. remains the best place in the world to pursue frontier technology innovation and investment returns. The fund integrates science and investment expertise, along with data-driven due diligence to generate unique insights into markets, technologies, and national strategy.


  • Generate strategic frontier tech insights. 

They analyze technology, geopolitics, market trends, and talent to map a strategic vision for the future of a particular frontier tech sector, then identify key actions to achieve it.

They invest at every stage of innovation, syndicate those investments with trusted partners, and reinvest returns into future funds and companies.

  • Build companies and platforms. 

They invest in frontier tech companies led by visionary innovators who are reimagining what’s possible. They also invest in the platforms needed to help those companies scale.

  • Catalyze regional tech ecosystems. 

They create networks of talent, incubators, universities, and labs in regional hubs, then connect those hubs to national networks to accelerate new discoveries and markets.


  • Microelectronics. 

Supports the development of advanced semiconductor technologies, including chip manufacturing and design, to ensure U.S. leadership in this critical sector.

Invests in companies developing next-generation AI technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, and quantum computing.

Supports the development of quantum technologies with the potential to revolutionize fields such as medicine, materials science, and computing.

Invests in companies developing innovative manufacturing technologies that enable the production of critical frontier products.


  • Limited Partners. 

They pursue outsized returns by investing in Frontier Technologies that are vital to long-term economic competitiveness and national security.

  • Founders. 

They bring ideas from lab to market, connecting you with talent, platforms, and regional networks to scale.

They leverage private capital and philanthropic contributions as a force multiplier for government investment and priorities in frontier technologies.

They build companies and ecosystems to revitalize manufacturing, create jobs, bolster local economies, and unlock the American heartland.