Founding Date

eVestment, a part of Nasdaq, provides institutional investment data, analytics and market intelligence covering public and private markets. The company is a global financial industry’s premier source for institutional investment insights and analysis, bringing transparency and efficiency to the global institutional market. eVestment provides a flexible suite of easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions to help the institutional investing community identify and capitalize on global investment trends, better select and monitor investment managers and more successfully enable asset managers to market their funds worldwide. eVestment has the largest, most comprehensive global database of traditional and alternative strategies, delivered through leading-edge technology. The company equips managers, investors and consultants to make data-driven decisions, deploy their resources more productively and ultimately realize better outcomes.

  • eVestment's analysis solution provides a unique view into how asset managers actively allocate capital across equity securities, sectors, industries and geographies.

  • APIs integrate eVestment data into your warehouse for even more insights and ways to interact.

eVestment in Numbers

  • 904 Asset Owners/Consultants screening for managers

  • 25,927 Total active institutional strategies

  • 510 Strategies added in the last quarter

  • 674 Universes covered in the eVestment platform

eVestment provides solutions for:

  • Asset Owners

  • Consultants

  • Managers & Hedge Funds

  • Private Markets

  • Product Sheets