Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar

Formal First Name
9/1972 - present

Azeem Azhar is the Founder of Exponential View, a leading newsletter and podcast widely followed by investors, academics, and journalists around the globe. He seeks to explain how society and lifestyle will change under the force of exponential technologies. An award-winning entrepreneur, analyst, strategist, investor, Azhar is passionate about all things technology. With over 25 years of industry experience, he has invested in more than 30 early-stage startups in artificial intelligence, renewable energy, female health tech, and self-driving cars.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • He had strategy and innovation roles at the BBC and Thomson Reuters.
  • He has over 450,000 followers on LinkedIn and more than 38,000 followers on Twitter.
  • He speaks regularly on television and radio, including BBC and CNN.


  • Board Member of the Ada Lovelace Institute
  • Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts