Water & Music

Founding Date

Water & Music is a newsletter and research DAO on a mission to empower the music industry with the knowledge, network and skills to do more collaborative, innovative and progressive work with technology. An innovator's guide to the music business, Water & Music has been early to report on several cutting-edge industry trends — from music avatars and niche streaming services to several different strands of music and Web3, including music NFT drops, Web3-native music communities and crypto-based royalty payments. In addition, the platform is focused on artist development, data comprehension, community building, and optimizing communication. The platform is now home to over 1,500 paying members across music and entertainment, including emerging artists, startup founders, marketers, investors, and C-suite executives at major music companies.


  • $STREAM is an inaugural collaborative report on music and Web3.

  • The report's findings drove industry-wide discussions about the most urgent needs and challenges facing the music and Web3 ecosystem.