Kaleidoco is a Web3 entertainment technology company that creates original augmented reality experiences, combining an original mixed reality metaverse and innovative technologies that enhance human connection and define the next generation of Web3 transmedia. Through this mind-bending, interactive, and live experience, Kaleidoco ushered in a new era of Web3 by merging their proprietary augmented reality technology with mixed-reality storytelling to create a more meaningful, productive, empathetic, and accessible metaverse, through entertainment, education, retail, gaming, with capacity for expansion across verticals. Kaleidoco’s Particle Ink Metaverse opened the TED2022 Conference with 1,400 synchronized in-venue devices providing a sneak peek at a portal into the 2.5th Dimension.


  • AR Blockchain Gaming - Existing in parallel with our own reality, the 2.5th is on the brink of battle.

  • Live Experience - Mixed Reality Storyliving Global Portals give you additional access to discover and interact within the 2.5th.

  • Interactive ART NFT - They give you distinct and enhanced access to all of the touchpoints of the PARTicle Ink Metaverse.

  • AR Activated Commerce - Storyliving E-Commerce allows the lore of the 2.5th and your NFTs to travel with you wherever you go.


  • Augmented Unification - Utilizing one's camera, proprietary technology enables natural interaction between the virtual and physical worlds

  • Augmented Displays Multi-Surface - Enhances interactivity via images projected into a spatially-aware three-dimensional physical environment

  • Augmented Reality Multi-Viewer - Application enables community based experiences by allowing users to view the AR simultaneously from any angle in real time