Founding Date

AlphaStreet is an innovative financial media institution which aims to help global investment companies stay ahead of contemporary market trends by synthesizing information quickly and actively managing their investments. With specialization in research driven, tactically based, portfolio construction, the firm revolutionizes the way professional investors track companies, analyze data and perform research to gain valuable market insights. AlphaStreet provides news, data and research for institutional investors, analysts, investment professionals, and funds. It empowers and inspires them by reducing the complexity in making investment decisions by providing all the information they would need.

  • AlphaStreet challenges traditional models by changing the way financial information and data is gathered and distributed.

  • The firm provides the most accurate Corporate Events data available in the market, with their comprehensive set of data including earnings conferences, AGM conferences, dividend data, updates regarding bonus shares and buyback, to name a few.

  • Users can get access to a repository of news, data and research, all under one hood – be it event calendars, audios of earnings calls, earnings transcripts, SEC filings, news and research related to the target stock and its industry.

AlphaStreet's Data at a Glance:

  • 25,000+ Companies tracked

  • 170,000+ Audios & Transcripts

  • 1,000,000+ Events Captured

  • 5,000,000+ Documents Read

AlphaStreet Data Types

  • Earnings Conference

  • Earnings Release

  • Annual General Meetings

  • M&A Update

  • IPOs

  • Dividend Update

  • Stock Split

  • Analyst/Investor Daily

  • Share Buyback

  • Legal/Lawsuit Update