Financial Media Exchange

Founding Date

Financial Media Exchange provides access to media properties to help financial professionals better target their audience. FMeX offers the world’s largest content library built exclusively for the financial services industry with a single goal of helping financial professionals provide personalized communications in order to enhance client relationships and increase sales. FMeX has developed a wealth management platform that provides technology aggregation, content curation, and distribution sustainability for the financial services industry. Their proprietary algorithm-driven software platform helps supply and demand partners manage the expanding content stream. Pioneering Content-As-A-Service, FMeX provides access to an organized, searchable and customizable content library and is powered by it's proprietary sales enablement technology – all to help transform the way financial professionals connect with clients and develop new opportunities.

  • FMeX delivers a powerful, intelligent and intuitive app experience that allows you to easily and securely deliver the most relevant content.

  • FMeX's digital hub provides the productivity tools that mobile device users need to work with content, delivered in an application experience.

  • Their big data platform curates real-time requests across all digital media utilizing analytical and machine learning techniques.

Financial Media Exchange Technology

  • One platform to access and deliver content to any device no matter where it resides

  • Provides a unified set of productivity tools that enables a mobile user to present and work with any content type

  • Delivers an amazing user experience that ensures adoption with an interface that can be customized to provide a branded experience

  • Automates business processes, setting a new standard for the type of business that can be conducted on a mobile device

  • Provides insight into user interaction with content and it's value to the organization

  • Unlocks expertise and knowledge, creates expert networks that enables knowledge to be shared across teams

  • Content security and governance capabilities that exceeds the need of IT organizations